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Our passengers are important to us! We aim to empower lives to the highest level of independence possible. Carepool is for Care Managers assisting a passenger or an individual self-directing with our software. We want to be your enabling technology for mobility! Incorporate pick-up instructions to let us know what your preferences are. Take control of your transportation experience with Carepool. To request a ride or quote, send an email with ride details to


3 Steps to ordering a Ride


Connect with support staff to set up and account

E-mail and let us know when to call back

Include name, location, and funding source. (Medicaid wavier, insurance reimbursement, private pay, etc.)


Choose notifications

Check box email or text notifications to receive real-time updates about your ride’s arrival. Add family or care team to receive text notifications.


Enter special instructions

Let us know of any additional assistance needed in the notes section. These details stay with your profile: you may need a wheelchair or just assistance out of the vehicle. Also enter pickup special instructions.

Request your ride by hitting submit!

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