How do I use Carepool?

Carepool currently provides non-medical specialized transportation and supply delivery. Contact us with any transportation needs you have, or talk to your care manager about having Carepool take care of your transportation needs. We service MCO, IRIS, & private pay customers.  


Our riders create their own rides or have them created by a care manager or guardian. We then pair you with a trained driver who will give you rides consistently. Here at Carepool, we value relationships & that's why we have riders, not passengers.  We're just going for a ride with new friends. Contact us for specifics if supply delivery or transportation is needed.

We do ask that we have 48 hour notice for each ride or delivery request. Part of the reason we can give you better rates and reliability is by perfectly matching driver supply with customer demand. We want this to be the best case scenario for our riders and our drivers. Basically, you use your funds on your rides only -- we're not charging you extra in order to staff on-demand drivers and subsidize someone else's last minute needs.

Which areas does Carepool Service?

Carepool is currently in several Wisconsin counties and expanding into rural areas in Tennessee, Minnesota, and Colorado. Please send us a message if you or someone you know requires transportation or supply delivery in those states, and we will try our best to serve your need.

Can I reserve your service for out of town trips?


Unlike most taxi companies, we do not have geographic limits, we just ask the trip is round trip.  Contact us with any questions - we're flexible.

How does one pay for Carepool?

We partner with MCO's, IRIS, DWD, DVR and other state departments, & private payers to facilitate payments.  Ask your care manager or contact us directly to see how we can work together!

Is Carepool safe?

We give our drivers Department of Justice backgrounds checks and make a point of recruiting drivers with caretaker, CNA, or nursing backgrounds.  Many of our drivers have other health related certifications.  Additionally, we are working on a driver curriculum to train them further.

In regards to vehicles, we inspect every car or van to make sure they're something we would personally want to ride in. 

Do you provide rides on nights and weekends?

We do!  We can recruit a qualified driver for almost any need you have.  Let us know when you want rides and we will find someone who would love to take you.

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